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Technology Marketing Groups USA complex


Technology Marketing Group (TMG) was founded in 1989 to provide systems, parts, repairs and support services for SEL/Gould/Encore computer system users. 32/55, 32/75, 32/77, 32/27, 32/67, 32/87, 32/97. TMG'S rapid success is and will continue to be based on providing its customers with quality products, significant price savings, and timely deliveries. TMG'S growth and successes are a direct result of its commitment to its customers and markets.

Through the years of TMG'S history we have added new custom products, services, manufactures and peripheral subsystems to our line of support.  Please browse our web site or call for more information.


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Technology Marketing Group, USA 
2004 Engelmohr Street,   Houston, Texas 77054

Billing address
Technology Marketing Group, USA 
2130A Holly Hall Ste 136,   Houston, Texas 77054

713. 666.6677v   713.666.0932fax

After hours Sales support  713.725.0696

After hours Technical support  832. 867.0500



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TI-980 Computer Parts and Repairs
Texas instrument computer TI-980

960740-0002     Front Panel & Control
975155-0001     Memory 24k
943857-0001     Memory control
943858-0001     Memory Control
960754-0001     A1
960751-0001     A2

TI 980
Power Supply